About This Site

Behind Generics prioritizes the sharing of unbiased reviews on online pharmacies and products they offer so the prospective customers stay safe.

Behind Generics believes that transparency and reliability are the most important factors any online pharmacy should possess. The online pharmaceutical selling industry is far from being reliable and that is why Behind Generics works hard to keep you safe while shopping for medications and combat attempts of dishonest vendors to game you.

Our product reviews are based on the manufacturer background check, scam analysis and on the experience of consumers who had a genuine buying experience. Having valuable information delivers real value and keep diligent buyers safe. Customers can make smart decisions when they know what other consumers have experienced and have a complete pharmacy/product report on their hands.

The idea of creation of Behind Generics belongs to Jane Dwight who understands the power of knowledge and diligence. Jane used her real experience of assisting her mom who had terrible times keeping up with highly-priced medicine subscriptions. The journey into a world of pharmaceuticals shopping online was not as easy as expected. It took a while to find a reliable pharmacy offering cheap/yet quality generic medications. Running into obvious scammers, facing an attempt to steal her financial information and getting medications of a questionable origin are just a few encounters she had to face. This experiment helped Jane to come up with a scheme on how to spot a reliable pharmacy without facing significant damages to your health and a wallet.