Zandu Vigorex Capsules Review: Lousy ED Drug Alternative

Zandu Vigorex Capsules

Review and Description:

Herbal treatments are also known alternatives for the temporary cure of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in a number of patients. Some consider herbal remedies a better option than using the intended ED-branded meds, first because of the price, and secondarily because herbal meds are more accessible and easier to purchase than the ED meds. Zandu Vigorex is one of the herbal remedies used by patients with ED to ease their condition, as it brings about the same effect as the ED meds.

Zandu Vigorex is well-known as a “restorative tonic” which is not only intended for the male population; it’s also prescribed for female use. The main functions of the product are to improve Libido, correct Premature Ejaculation (PE), and provide mental/physical relief to the elderly. Potent ingredients of the brand include Shilajit, Kaunch Beej, SwarnaBhasma, and a number of Ayurvedic Herbs believed to have restorative effect for the body. There is not much information on how these herbs specifically work, however.

Zandu Vigorex is made by Emami Limited in India which specializes in natural skin care and herbal remedies. To date, the company has over 300 products which were based on Ayurvedic medication and it involves about 60 countries in its operation. According to the company profile, all its manufacturing units are certified ISO 9001:2000 and compliant with WHO’s GMP. Its other facilities also have ISO 14001, ISO 18000, and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. And not only that, the company was also multi-awarded in the fields of commerce and marketing.

Customer Reviews:

Zandu Vigorex Testimonial
Zandu Vigorex Testimonial
Zandu Vigorex Feedback
Zandu Vigorex Customer Experience
Zandu Vigorex Customer Experience

Positive reviews for the herbal remedy Zandu Vigorex do not exist. The verified reviewer from, Paul Da Ponte rated Zandu Vigorex only 2/5 and told he had headaches after using the pills. It was due to his inability to follow the instructions for the product’s intake; he should have taken the pills with milk, but he didn’t. Still, he did not give a positive rating for the product for not being able to give him the results he expected.

In there was a question regarding Zandu Vigorex’s effectiveness. An Ayurvedic Expert, Shreya Vishnoy, encouraged the use of the herbal remedy and said that a number of doctors even “recommend” the use of the drug. But, in the same thread, a medical doctor, Rahul Bansal, said that Zandu Vigorex isn’t classified as a medicine, therefore implying that there is still a question regarding its effectiveness.

Pricing and Dosage:

Zandu Vigorex Prices
Zandu Vigorex Prices

Since Zandu Vigorex is a global brand (according to Emami Limited’s profile), it may be found available in one of the 60 countries connected to the company. There is only one standard formulation for Zandu Vigorex and the product is sold in capsules grouped by 10s. sells 2 strips (20 caps) of Zandu Vigorex for $16.95, which makes it less than a dollar each ($0.85 per capsule). It is less expensive than most of the ED products, but since it does not technically qualify as an ED medicine, it somewhat does not count

How to Buy Zandu Vigorex Capsules Online:

According to Emami Ltd., the company distributing Zandu Vigorex, it already has operations in 60 countries, so there should be a few countries having Zandu Vigorex in them. But, since the product was made in India, those buyers situated in India will have the first dibs for the meds. International clients may purchase the products, though, as there are online stores selling Zandu Vigorex and also are able to ship internationally.

Because of the herbal nature of the product, Zandu Vigorex does not need prescriptions for orders to be availed of, and clients can purchase as much of the products as they want or need.

How to Use:

Recommended use of Zandu Vigorex is 1 capsule a day with milk. Unlike the common ED medications, Zandu Vigorex is taken every day and not as needed or before copulation. Also, men aren’t the only ones eligible to use the product, as it is also recommended for the women to have, although the main focus of the drug is to give relief to ED and PE.

Side Effects:

According to the client comments, the most common side effect observed caused by the product is headaches, albeit other side effects were not known. Even if there were no other side effects or adverse reactions noted for the herbal remedy, buyers should take caution in using this product as it is really an unproven option in curing ED or PE, and as an herbal product, there is no approved therapeutic claim for Zandu Vigorex.

Conclusion with Rating:

There are actually a number of well-known herbal remedies for ED made by reputable herbal and wellness companies, which delve into research regarding the effectiveness of their products. However, Zandu Vigorex isn’t one of these effective products for ED in the market.

It is also odd that a drug for ED is also intended as a holistic drug also viable for female patients’ use. As far as ED/PE medications are concerned, the products, in order to be effective, has to be exclusively made for the male population to use. Zandu Vigorex may be effective as a libido booster, but not necessarily an alternative to ED or PE.

There weren’t any good client references to review, and there were actually more negative comments regarding the product’s effectiveness rather than its positive attributes. A number of users were underwhelmed by its effect, and some even had headaches when taking Zandu Vigorex without milk.

Zandu Vigorex’s manufacturer, Emami Ltd., is a reputable company with certifications for its manufacturing facility. But since the product itself does not qualify as a real medicine in treating ED, it is not really prescribed as a general cure for either ED or PE.

Had Zandu Vigorex been intended solely as a booster, it would have received higher points. But since it claims to be a potent alternative to ED/PE meds, the product just deserves 2 out of 5, as it has done a lousy job proving that it is indeed a good option for ED patients to try. It isn’t that effective when it comes to ED, but it may really be effective as a rejuvenating tonic or a vitality supplement instead of being a treatment for ED and PE concerns.

Brand: Zandu Vigorex

Active Ingredient: Kaunch Beej, SwarnaBhasma

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Emami Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

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